The Beckley Foundation at UNGASS (17-19 April 2016)

The UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs will be held in New York (19-21 April). Amanda Feilding has composed a 2016 Public Letter for the world’s largest ever drug policy meeting. This petition will bring together world leaders and notables to support key principles of drug policy reform at this crucial political moment. As well as attending the Special Session itself, Amanda will be furthering the improvement of global drug policy by attending and speaking at a number of side events, public meetings and protests. Watch this space!

"Let us break the taboo on debate and embrace the clear need for reform. The time for action is now."

The Beckley Foundation Petition to UNGASS, 2016

Public Letter 2016

UNGASS 2016 (Official Website)

How Long Can Civil Society Be Ignored? Thoughts on the Commission on Narcotic Drugs 2016

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As it Happened: the Public Letter Launch on Social Media

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