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Our work relies entirely on your generous donations. With your help we can create a future in which the therapeutic potential of psychedelics is widely recognised, medically applied and harnessed as a tool to heal, increase well-being, and study consciousness.

In order to make this vision a reality, the Beckley Foundation is open for funding in the following research projects:

  • Evaluating the safety of repeated LSD microdosing and its effects on mood, cognitive function and pain management, as well as the associated changes in brain function (Read More). Possible applications include depression, cognitive decline/dementia, ADHD, chronic pain and wellbeing
  • Clinical research into the potential benefits of microdosing for the treatment of depression
  • Ground-breaking translational research in Brazil looking at the effects of LSD and 5-MeO-DMT –  from lab-grown minibrains to humans (Read More). Possible applications include mental health, neurodegenerative disorders and brain rehabilitation
  • Exploratory research into the connection between psychedelic experience and spirituality, and its relevance to mental health
  • And other exciting projects to be announced shortly

We are always pleased to hear from supporters who wish to run a marathon, swim the channel, or undertake any other kind of interesting fundraising activity on our behalf. These donations of time and effort are gratefully welcomed, and we often offer Beckley Foundation merchandising, such as t-shirts, to those who contact us about their successful fundraising initiatives. We have partnered with Enthuse to help our supporters fundraise for charitable events.

E-mail us at office [at] to find out more.

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