As it Happened: the Public Letter Launch on Social Media

On the final day of UNGASS (19- 21 April), Amanda Feilding hosted an event at the UN Headquarters in New York to launch the Beckley Foundation’s 2016 Public Letter, “OUT OF UNGASS: A NEW APPROACH.” Amanda presented the Public Letter alongside Senator Mark Golding, the former Jamaican Minister of Justice and a pioneer in the field of drug policy reform, and Beckley Foundation Delegate Ras Iyah-V, President of the Westmoreland Hemp and Ganja Farmers Association in Jamaica.

In spite of the extra bureaucratic obstacles faced by attendees at the entrance of the venue, (the result of unexpectedly heightened security measures), Amanda is delighted to have been able to release the Public Letter in such a pertinent setting. As we call urgently upon the Nations and Governments of the UN to recognize the clear need for a reform, it is heartening to receive the fervent endorsements of our signatories, whose support and corroboration generated a very positive atmosphere.

For those of you who could not attend, here are some highlights from the event, in the form of pictures taken by our guests and shared on Social Media:

George McBride GeorgeMcBride1

Amanda Feilding and the Beckley Foundation team.

By the Beckley Foundation’s Drug Policy Officer, George McBride (Twitter handle: @GeorgeMcBride1)


VolteFace VolteFaceMag

Amanda Feilding reading the Public Letter at its launch.

By VolteFace Magazine (Twitter handle: VolteFaceMag)


Katherine Thompson @kthrnthmpsn

By Katherine Thompson (Twitter handle: @kthrnthmpsn)


Citizen Kane 1bigtuna

By Robert Kane (Twitter handle: @1bigtuna)