Beckley / Brazil Psychedelic Programme

The Beckley / Brazil Psychedelic Programme is a collaboration with Prof. Sidarta Ribeiro of the University Federal of Rio Grande do Norte, Prof. Stevens Rehen of the D’Or Institute Brazil, and Prof. Luis Fernando Tofoli from UNICAMP Sao Paulo.

Investigating LSD’s Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Action

We are undertaking a series of experiments designed to characterise the effects of LSD at the molecular and cellular levels, with a particular focus on its action on key mechanisms such as neuroplasticity, inflammation, and neurogenesis. Our collaborators at the D’Or Institute have already undertaken the first research showing that psychedelics affect molecular signalling related to learning and memory in the human brain tissue, using laboratory-made ‘minibrains’.  This new approach has been considered a real breakthrough in neuroscience, and by building on this our current studies hold great promise for considerably deepening our understanding of the mechanisms of action of LSD.