April 19 – 24

The Beckley Sessions


Leor Roseman


Leor’s talk will address some components of the recently completed pilot study investigating the efficacy of psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression. He will discuss the fMRI data recorded before and after psilocybin-assisted therapy showing enhanced amygdalar activity in response to emotional faces after therapy. He will also discuss this effect in terms of its contrast to the blunted amygdalar response following traditional antidepressants. His talk will emphasise that psychedelic-assisted therapy could be a treatment avenue that preserves, and potentially even enhances emotional receptiveness.

About Leor Roseman:

Leor Roseman did his BSc in Neuroscience in Tel Aviv University. Since June 2013, he has been working under the supervision of Prof. Nutt and Dr. Carhart-Harris as a research assistant, MRes student and PhD student in neuroscience as part of the Beckley-Imperial Research Program. Leor specialises in analysis techniques of fMRI, and his main focus is the study of psychedelic visual imagery and its neural correlates.