The Beckley Sessions


Amanda Feilding


Amanda will introduce the Beckley Foundation’s Scientific Programme and explain its role in shaping the psychedelic renaissance. Beginning with a brief history of psychedelics and what has motivated her long-standing interest in the subject, Amanda will then summarise the foundation’s latest findings, including the first ever brain imaging study of LSD, and results from the psilocybin for depression study. She will talk about research into ayahuasca/DMT and the neural and psychological mechanisms whereby ayahuasca exerts effects on the human psyche. Finally, Amanda will introduce new studies that the foundation is developing and conclude with the observation that much of the potential of psychoactive substances has yet to be explored.

About Amanda Feilding:

Amanda Feilding is the Founder and Director of the Beckley Foundation. Amanda established the foundation in 1998 to further research into the therapeutic and transformative potential of psychoactive substances forbidden by prohibitionist policies, and has since been called the ‘hidden hand behind the renaissance of psychedelic science and drug policy reform.’ Through the Scientific Programme, Amanda orchestrates collaborations with leading scientists worldwide, investigating cannabis, psilocybin, LSD, Ayahuasca, DMT and MDMA. These include clinical trials identifying the effects of psychoactive substances on cerebral circulation, brain function, subjective experience, and clinical symptoms. She co-directs the thriving Beckley/Imperial Research Programme with Prof David Nutt.