Seventh International Seminar of the series ‘Society and Drugs: A Rational Perspective’

House of Lords, London, 2 October 2008


Launch of ‘Cannabis Policy: Moving Beyond Stalemate’, the Report of the Beckley Foundation’s Global Cannabis Commission.


Introduction to the Cannabis Commission, Prof Robin Room, University of Melbourne

A Review of the Health Consequences of Cannabis Use, Prof Wayne Hall

The Effects of the Current System of Prohibition, Prof Peter Reuter

A Review of Policy Initiatives of Reforms within the International Prohibition System, Prof Benedikt Fischer

An Assessment of the Effects of Reforms within the System, Associate Prof Simon Lenton

Beyond the Conventions, Prof Robin Room

Conclusions and Recommendations, Prof Peter Reuter, University of Maryland

A Personal View on the Case for Reforming Cannabis Laws, Rt Hon Peter Lilley, MP

Do the More Potent Forms of Cultivated Cannabis Pose Additional Adverse Risks? Prof Leslie Iversen

Policing Cannabis in Europe, Jan Wiarda, Former Chair of the European Police Chiefs

Net Widening and Stigma in the Policing of Cannabis Laws, Prof Mike Hough & Prof Paul Turnbull

The Swiss Attempts to Reform Cannabis Policy: A Case Study for Europe? Prof Ambros Uchtenhagen, Chair of the World Health Organisation-affiliated Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction

Closing Comments, Prof Colin BlakemoreEthan Nadelmann and Wayne Hall



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