Eighth International Seminar of the series ‘Society and Drugs: A Rational Perspective’.

Organised in conjunction with IDPC, House of Lords, London, 3 October 2009.



Tensions between Science and Politics in Drugs Policy, Prof David Nutt, Imperial College, London

Summary of The Beckley Foundation’s Global Cannabis Commission: Cannabis as a Case Study for Wide Reform? Prof Robin Room, University of Melbourne

How should the International Drug Control System be Evaluated? Dr David Bewley-Taylor, University of Swansea

The Vienna NGO Committee ‘Beyond 2008’ Initiative, David Turner, Vienna NGO Committee on Narcotic Drugs

The International Drug Policy Consortium Programme, Martin Jelsma, Transnational Institute; Daniel Wolfe, Director, International Harm Reduction Development Program, Open Society Institute

The Latin American ‘Blue Ribbon’ CommissionRubem Cesar Fernandez, Latin American Initiative on Drugs and Democracy

The UN Review – How is the European Union Preparing? Carel Edwards, Head of the European Commission’s Drug Policy Coordination Unit

What happens next with the UN ReviewMike Trace, Chair of IDPC