First International Seminar of the series ‘Society and Drugs: A Rational Perspective’

Magdalen College, Oxford, 22 October 2002.


The first seminar in the series entitled, ‘Society & Drugs: A Rational Perspective‘, was organised in conjunction with Prof Colin Blakemore FRS of Magdalen College, Oxford, and Prof. Leslie Iversen FRS of King’s College, London. It was held at Magdalen College on 22nd October 2002. This seminar was aimed at communicating some of the latest scientific understanding about how drugs work in the brain – and thus the nature of addiction – to a wider, and largely non-scientific, audience. The Seminar also discussed the implementation and consequences of drug policy in The Netherlands.


Brain Mechanisms of Reward and Addiction. Prof Trevor Robbins, University of Cambridge

Cannabis and Ecstasy – Soft Drugs? Prof Leslie Iversen, University of Oxford

Amphetamine and Cocaine – Mechanisms and Hazards. Prof Barry J Everitt, University of Cambridge

Heroin and Related Opiates. Prof David J Nutt, University of Bristol

Psychedelics. Prof Mark A Geyer, University of California, San Diego

How Can We Translate Science into Policy and Action? Dr Michael Farrell, National Addiction Centre

Drug Policy in the Netherlands and in the UK. Jan Wiarda, Head of Police, The Hague and Bob Ainsworth, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Home Office, Responsible for Drug Co-ordination




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