In Jamaica, cannabis has been decriminalized for personal use. New paths towards cannabis regulation are developing.

In Spring 2015, Amanda and the Beckley Foundation were invited by Minister Golding, who takes a great interest in the Foundation’s scientific endeavors, to advise the Ministry of Justice on the formation of a balanced policy in the regulation of the cannabis industry in Jamaica, and to provide feedback on global drug policy issues as Jamaica moved towards the creation of a successfully-regulated cannabis industry.

In our advisory role, the Beckley Foundation hosted a knowledge-sharing event titled ‘Jamaica’s Regulated Cannabis Industry: First Steps’ in partnership with local experts and authorities, where leaders in the field discussed how best to introduce a fully regulated industry for medical cannabis. The two-day conference brought together academics, government officials, growers, Rastafari and healthcare professionals. The outcome of these discussions was fed into the process for the 2016 UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on global drug policy.


Jamaican Landrace Strains

Amanda is currently laying plans to participate in medical research into cannabis and product development. Working with academic and other leading institutions, including Rastafari communities, she plans to cultivate and undertake scientific research on different strains of cannabis.

The research will particularly focus on strains that have a therapeutic balance of THC, CBD, and terpenes, in order to optimise the pain relieving qualities and other medicinal applications. Amanda is also keen to devote attention to conserving Jamaica’s landrace strains, which have become almost extinct in today’s cannabis market. These landraces must be studied and protected in order to preserve the genetic diversity  of Jamaican cannabis, which is a much-loved part of the Rastafari cultural heritage.

We look forward to collaborating with the University of the West Indies in the investigation of the biochemical composition of these strains and the identification of those with optimal medical benefits.




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"It’s important for the government researchers, growers, councillors and patients to get engaged in this business and to understand the positive side of cannabis”.
Prof Wayne McLaughlin, University of the West Indies

"The decriminalisation of cannabis presents a tremendous opportunity for Jamaica and the world to arrive at a new and more humane way of regarding this plant, ganja”.
Ras Iyah-V, leader of the Westmoreland Hemp & Ganja Farmers Assn

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