New Announcement

Naturalistic Self-Blinding Microdose Study

Dear community,

The self-blinding microdose study team, led by Dr. Balázs Szigeti and Dr. David Erritzoe of Imperial College London, in partnership with Amanda Feilding of the Beckley Foundation, would like to give a brief update to you about the latest developments around the project.

Initially, our self-blinding protocol only supported microdosing with blotter-based psychedelics. We are happy to announce that the protocol has now been expanded to plant-based psychedelics as well. Additionally, we have also added support information for volumetric dosing. These expansions were implemented so that the protocol can be adapted to fit a wider variety of microdosing practices. Please see the updated manual on the website for details.

Several of you have enquired about the closing date of the study. We don’t have an exact date yet, but we guarantee that the option to sign up will be open at least until 31st of October 2019.

Furthermore, we would like to let you know that Reddit user /u/Greg_5656 has created an accurate ‘how-to’ video on setting up the project. The video goes through the same steps as the manual, making it easier to follow along. Thank you Greg!

Last, but not least if you are interested to know more about the project and its background, please listen to the latest episode of the psychedelics today podcast, where the hosts interview Dr  David Erritzoe and Dr Balazs Szigeti. Also you can read an article about the study in the Psychedelic Times.

Thank you for your continued support, we cannot wait to share the results with you!

Kind regards,

David Erritzoe

Balazs Szigeti

David Nutt

Robin Carhart-Harris

Amanda Feilding

To register for the study, or for any more information, please visit:


Please do not contact us asking to provide you with psychedelics or any other drugs. This observational study is only eligible for people that are currently, or are planning to start, microdosing on their own initiative with their own existing supply of blotter-based psychedelics.