Effects of repeated microdosing

This study is a collaboration between the Beckley Foundation and Maastricht University, and a follow-up on our first dose-finding LSD microdosing study.

Its objective is to characterise the effects of repeatedly ingesting small doses of LSD, as is typically practiced by ’real world’ microdosers outside the lab.

In particular, our aims are:

1) to evaluate the safety of repeated microdosing;

2) to compare the acute and long term effects of repeated LSD microdosing on mood and cognition;

3) to investigate underlying changes in brain function using Electroencephalography (EEG);

4) to Evaluate in more depths the effects of microdosing on brain plasticity, and how these brain changes may mediate effects on mood and cognition. 

This study has recently been completed and results are now being analysed.