Top 10 Highlights: Drug policy 2019

“A new global response to drugs is essential, one grounded in science, health, compassion and human rights”

Amanda Feilding


1. Denver decriminalized psilocybin mushrooms

In May, Denver voters approved a ballot measure to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms.


2. Oakland decriminalized all naturally-occuring psychedelics

Shortly after Denver decriminalized psilocybin, Oakland followed the lead and extended the legislation to all naturally-occurring psychedelics.


3. A new partnership between Beckley and Decriminalized California

Following a wave of support for psilocybin decriminalization, we partnered with Decriminalized California, to decriminalize psilocybin in the state of California and introduce legislation which allows research and medical access to psilocybin.



4. A new policy report ‘Roadmaps to Regulation: MDMA’

In support of the growing body of evidence showing the efficacy of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD, we published a report ‘Roadmaps to Regulation: MDMA’ outlining a 3 stage process of drug policy reform to reschedule, decriminalize, and regulate MDMA. 


5. The first-ever congressional vote on federally legalizing cannabis

In November, the House Judiciary Committee made history with the first-ever congressional vote on federally legalizing cannabis.


6. Illinois became the 11th state to legalize cannabis use

In June, Illinois became the 11th US state to legalize adult-use cannabis.


7. The Australian Capital territory legalized cannabis possession

In September, the Australian Capital Territory became the first jurisdiction in Australia to legalize possession of up to 50g of marijuana and 2 plants.


8. Israel decriminalized cannabis possession

In April, Israel decriminalized possession of the cannabis plant and its buds. In public spaces, individuals found to be carrying small amounts of cannabis without medical authorization will now face fines rather than be subjected to criminal proceedings.


9. The U.K general election addressed the need for drug policy reform

During the last U.K general election, the major political parties all addressed the need for drug policy reform, and the need for a health care centered approach. Finally after 50 years, we are accepting that the War on Drugs has failed.


10. 3 additional U.S states decriminalized cannabis possession

In 2019, 3 U.S states decriminalized cannabis possession: New Mexico, Hawaii, and North Dakota.