Amanda Feilding at Breaking Convention 2019

Breaking Convention, the 5th International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness, has officially wrapped up. Now all we need to do is sit back and wait for the brilliant team behind the event to upload the talks to their Youtube page.

As proud Gold Sponsors of the event, the Beckley Foundation was thrilled to see the breadth of research being presented this year, from fundamental neuroscience and novel psychedelic therapy approaches, to discussions around drug policy reform and psychedelics as tools for reconciliation.

At Breaking Convention, Beckley Foundation director Amanda Feilding met with researchers from around the globe to discuss the future of psychedelic research and possible collaborations. We are now seeking funding for research into microdosing and LSD-assisted psychotherapy in the treatment of depression, addiction, and cognitive decline.

Amanda Feilding presented to a packed-out hall on the first morning of the conference, with her talk ‘Microdosing: Big Steps in Small Doses’. Here is Amanda’s response to the conference, and you can watch the full presentation below:

“I was so glad to be able to escape the hospital, where I am being treated for a damaged elbow, to attend the ever-stimulating Breaking Convention. I was invigorated by the wave of support from the psychedelic community. Thank you to everyone who came to my talk and showed such enthusiasm!

It was exciting for me to be able to present some preliminary results from our Beckley/Maastricht microdosing study, as well as touch on the fascinating and important research we are doing as part of the Beckley/Brazil Research Programme.

Microdosing has long been a passion of mine and I hope my presentation conveyed the great therapeutic potential of this particular use of psychedelics. Many congratulations to Dave Luke and the Breaking convention teams for putting together another inspiring edition of this conference! “

The full transcript of Amanda’s talk is available here.

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