May 2017 Newsletter – The World’s First LSD Microdosing Study

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Anecdotal reports about the benefits of microdosing with LSD number in the thousands, yet no scientific study has ever been conducted to validate them. Said to boost cognition, enhance mood, alleviate depression and increase creativity, microdosing is one of the most under-researched areas of not just psychedelic science, but mental health in general.

Realising one of her longest held ambitions, Amanda Feilding has now put together a highly original protocol which will incorporate the ancient Chinese game of Go. The study will not only categorise the effects of microdosing, but will also illuminate the neurological mechanisms behind these effects.

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Set to be carried out as part of the Beckley/Imperial Research Programme, the study is being made possible thanks to a crowdfunding campaign launched this week by Fundamental.



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The Fundamental crowdfunding campaign is hoping to raise a total of $2 million to support four separate studies into the benefits of psychedelic compounds, with a view to making them medically available. These include studies on psilocybin as a treatment for both end-of-life anxiety and alcoholism at NYU School of Medicine, and a clinical trial of MDMA for post-traumatic stress disorder, led by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

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Not only is it difficult to raise money, but we have to raise rather a lot of money because the constraints of working with illegal drugs means that the expenses go up enormously.” – Professor David Nutt, co-director of the Beckley/Imperial Research Programme

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