Yes we cannabis: VolteFace poll finds most MPs support medical legalisation

The majority of MPs would legalise medical cannabis, according to poll results released this week.

Our friends at the drug policy innovation hub VolteFace have found that 58% of MPs backed the use of cannabis for people battling health conditions.

Amanda Feilding and the Beckley Foundation welcome this heartening result, which was reported in The Telegraph. VolteFace’s trailblazing poll will hoist need to legalise medical cannabis into a position of greater prominence on the political agenda.

With only 27% of MPs failing to endorse this much-needed change in policy, the green light is more approachable than ever before. The survey results reflect a palpable swerve away from prohibitionist thinking. We hope that the sanctioning of cannabis for medical purposes can be a prelude to the creation of a legal, regulated drugs market in the UK.

Join VolteFace and Help Not Harm at their cannabis policy summit this September. Let’s strategise how to make prohibition go up in smoke.

Words: Rosalind Stone


“A majority of MPs get the compassionate case for medical cannabis. The UK is increasingly out of step with other countries on this issue. The government should listen to parliament and cannabis patients themselves and bring forward proposals for a change in the law.”
Nick Clegg, former Deputy PM