ICPR 2016: We’ve arrived in Amsterdam!

Armed with posters, publications and presentations, we’re all ready for for the 3rd Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelics Research.


We’re glowing with pride to be Gold Sponsors  of this three-day conference, hosted by the OPEN Foundation. Commencing with Prof Roland Griffith’s keynote lecture on the Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Research Project, the occasion brings together some of the world’s most advanced psychedelic academics.

We invite you to come and check out the full scope of our research at our stall, which will be manned throughout the conference by our Communications Officer, Ros. Browse the publications from the Beckley Foundation Press, and pick up a free copy of our new Scientific Programme booklet!

Amanda Feilding

On Sunday 5 June (at 09.30 in the Atrium), Amanda Feilding will be presenting some current projects from the Beckley Foundation Scientific Programme, including our  investigations into ayahuasca (DMT), lead by Dr Jordi Riba on the Beckley/Sant Pau Research programme in Barcelona, and, closer to home, our Beckley/Imperial research into LSD and psilocybin.

This year’s conference is a brilliant chance to hear first hand about these groundbreaking studies from several members of the Beckley/Imperial team, which undertook the world’s first brain imaging study on LSD. Look out for:

Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD

Beckley/Imperial’s lead investigator, Robin Carhart-Harris (“Brain imaging and depression research with psychedelics,” Friday, 11.10, the Atrium)


Mendel Kaelen, PhD (cand.)

Mendel Kaelen, (“Neuroimaging and therapeutic use of psychedelics and music,” Friday, 11.35, the Atrium)


Chris Timmermann, PhD (Cand.)

Chris Timmerman (“Processing of the Mismatch Negativity under LSD,” Friday, 12.25, the Forge)


Leor Roseman, PhD (cand.)

Leor Roseman, (“Neural correlates of LSD-induced, eyes closed, psychedelic imagery,” Friday, Friday, 12.40, the Forge)


David Erritzoe, MD, PhD

David Erritzoe, (“The effects of psilocybin on personality in patients with major depression,” Saturday, 16.10, the Atrium)

Words: Rosalind Stone