Amanda Feilding’s Abstract for the Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelics Research (ICPR) 2016

To provide a context for introducing the Beckley Foundation’s Scientific Programme, and to explain its role in shaping the psychedelic renaissance, I shall begin with a brief history of psychedelics and what has motivated my long-standing interest in this subject.

I will then summarise our latest findings, including the first ever brain imaging study of LSD and results from the psilocybin for depression study, and introduce new studies we are developing.

My focus will then shift to our Research Programme on ayahuasca/DMT, investigating the neural and psychological mechanisms whereby ayahuasca exerts effects on the human psyche. I will also explicate a new observational study monitoring long-term well-being and mental health of participants at an ayahuasca centre in Peru.

Finally, I will emphasise the exceptional role that psychedelics have played in shaping society, and conclude with the observation that much of their potential has yet to be explored.

The IPCR will take place on 3-5 JUNE 2016 in AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS.

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