The Beckley Psychedelic Science Seminar 2015 – Presenting The Beckley/Imperial Research Programme

The Beckley Psychedelic Science Seminar 2015 is taking place today, celebrating the work of the Beckley/Imperial Psychedelic Research Programme. The seminar is an invite only event, and is being held for backers of our hugely successful crowdfunding campaignwhich took place earlier this year. The campaign was held to help raise money for our landmark neuroimaging study of the brain on LSD, and achieved more than double its original intended goal.

Our Director, Amanda Feilding, will be speaking at the seminar, alongside Prof. David Nutt, who is co-director of the Beckley/Imperial Psychedelic Research Programme with Amanda. Also speaking at the event will be Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, Lead Investigator of theBeckley/Imperial Psychedelic Research Programme, Mendel Kaelen, a Beckley Research Fellow at Imperial College who is currently completing his PhD under Dr. Carhart-Harris, and Natalie Jonk, Founder of the research crowdfunding website Walacea.

Whilst the results of the recent brain-imaging study on LSD are not being announced at this stage, due to delays in publishing, the pioneering work of the Beckley/Imperial Team will be discussed, as well as the challenges facing psychedelic research. It promises to be an exciting, varied and most of all fascinating evening, and we are very much looking forward to meeting some of the 1628 backers of our crowdfunding campaign, whose generous support has helped make our research possible.