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The Beckley Foundation online library comprises an extensive scientific bibliography, with research papers on the many subjects in which the Foundation is involved.

It provides many thousands of citations, many with full text versions of these papers. The psychedelic library covers papers from the very earliest period of research right up to the most recent studies. This database was developed by the Beckley Foundation with the collaboration of scientists and organizations, such as The Heffter Institute , the Albert Hofmann Foundation, Erowid , MAPS and the ProMind Foundation, etc. The library is continuously updated and we are always interested in new papers which are relevant to the Beckley Foundation’s broader interests.

The expert search below provides the capability to carefully target your search to match narrow goals. You can specify a search string for one or more specific citation fields, logically combine field searches with ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ operators, restrict your search to specified bibliographies, and save search results for use in further searches. Read specifying search criteria and specifying the result page format for more information.

A database of all the publications in the library is available here

The Beckley Foundation online library is currently undergoing maintenance.


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