Since its inception in 1998, the Beckley Foundation has focused on using psychoactive substances as tools to alter cognitive function. By studying the impacts psychoactive substances, like MDMA, have on the brain, we gain a clearer understanding of brain flow, neural activity, and how the mind works.

The Beckley Foundation brain-imaging studies using MDMA (ecstasy) have provided a neurophysiological explanation of why MDMA can be a valuable aid in psychotherapy. Most notable, the Beckley Foundation’s groundbreaking research showed that MDMA can be help war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This research sheds light on the mechanisms by which MDMA allows traumatic experiences to be recalled, and dealt with, without an overwhelming emotional response. This, and a complete list of Beckley Foundation studies involving MDMA can be accessed by clicking here.

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Beckley Foundation Collaboration – A theory of conscious states informed by neuroimaging research with psychedelic drugs

February 4, 2014 BF Scientific Publications

Full article on This article has argued that scientific research with psychedelic drugs can have a revitalizing effect on psychoanalysis and an informing influence on mainstream psychology and psychiatry. Rather than discuss the content and interpretation of psychoanalytically-relevant material, we have adopted a mechanistic approach, in keeping with the mainstream cognitive neuroscience. This article […]

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Psychedelic Science Conference 2013

April 26, 2013 Beckley in the Media

The Psychedelic Science conference, co-hosted by the Beckley Foundation, brought together researchers from around the world to discuss research, clinical trials, and medical discoveries involving psychedelic substances. Amanda Feilding presented the results of the Beckley Foundation research programme, including our recent investigations into psilocybin and MDMA.

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Photograph courtesy of the Age

MDMA: Dancing with Molly

December 4, 2012 Global Policy News

At first glance, it seems alarming that hundreds of thousands of people are using a drug that carries the same classification as heroin or crystal meth. But is this alarm warranted? If ecstasy were a legal and available alternative to alcohol, would the social and moral and health consequences be cause for concern?

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Research Points to Clear Benefits of MDMA for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

November 22, 2012 MDMA

Careful long-term studies are moving MDMA from being banned as a rave drug to being legal as prescription medicine.  New follow-up research shows its effectiveness, as an adjunct to psychotherapy, in cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that have been resistant to other treatments. The finding is not that feeling good for a day is a […]

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BEN SESSA: Effects of Ecstasy and clinical MDMA

October 29, 2012 MDMA

Ben Sessa – Photograph Courtesy of Sunrise Celebration Psychiatrist Ben Sessa writes to The Telegraph to discuss the contributions made by Professor Andy Parrott about MDMA research on UK Channel 4’s “Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial, part of the BECKLEY FOUNDATION/IMPERIAL COLLEGE PSYCHIDELIC RESEARCH PROGRAMME.” For Dr. Sessa, there is already ample scientific evidence that […]

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MDMA may help treat depression and PTSD, Channel 4 study suggests

September 28, 2012 Beckley in the Media

Research hints at therapeutic uses for MDMA – but the taboo surrounding psychoactive drugs prevents similar studies by Amanda Feilding Click here for original Article in The Guardian I was amused by Conal Urquhart’s description in the Observer of the novelist Lionel Shriver being sucked into an MRI brain scanner “that resembles a giant washing machine”. I see […]

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Drugs Live: the Ecstasy Trial, Channel 4, review

September 27, 2012 Beckley in the Media

Photo: Channel 4 Click here for original article by Helen Brown  A quick glance at the TV listings gave the impression that Channel 4′s ground- breaking two -part programme on the effects of MDMA would feature 25 volunteers (including actor Keith Allen) popping ecstasy pills for the cameras. The dangled lure from the TV station that gave […]

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Can LSD cure depression?

September 26, 2012 Beckley in the Media

Mind-expanding: the Woodstock Festival Photo: GETTY Controversial research suggests that LSD and other psychedelic drugs could have vital medical uses. Until recently, prescribing Ecstasy, mescaline or magic mushrooms has been a guaranteed way for a psychiatrist to lose his research funding, his job or even his liberty. But now, scientists are beginning to suspect that such […]

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‘I’ve got more off my head from a bad batch of sushi’: Author of We Need to Talk About Kevin on taking drugs for controversial Channel 4 show

September 24, 2012 Interesting News - Intro

Click here for original article  Last November I received an email which caught my attention. My publicist at Profile Books had added at the top in green caps, ‘MOST BIZARRE QUERY EVER’. An independent television production company was asking if I would please take ecstasy on camera. The experiment in which I’d be filmed participating was legal. At […]

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Evan Harris, Former MP, To Take Class A Drugs On TV ‘To See If MDMA Can Cure Depression’

September 24, 2012 Interesting News - Intro

Photograph courtesy of Huffington Post Experiment: the study will look to see if the Class A drug MDMA – pure ecstasy – can cure depression Click here for original article A former MP will be shown on TV taking Class A drugs as part of an experiment due to be broadcast on Channel 4. Liberal […]

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