Social Media Intern and Assistant to the Director

                Location:  Beckley Park, Oxford
                Contract: Full-Time office position (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)
                Reports to: Amanda Feilding (Director) and Office Manager
                Salary:  Negotiable according to skills and experience


About the Beckley Foundation

The Beckley Foundation is a UK–based think tank and UN-accredited NGO founded by Amanda Feilding in 1998. We combine science and policy to further our understanding of consciousness, and to effect changes in global drug policy in order to improve public health. We are at the forefront of scientific research into the potential medical benefits of psychedelics, cannabis and MDMA, and are pioneering in our contribution to international drug policy reform.


Job Description

We are looking to recruit a dynamic and experienced Social Media Intern and Assistant to the Director to help deliver our communications strategy. You will contribute to the preparation of printed promotional materials, helping edit our reports and publications, and assist in the management of the Beckley Foundation’s website content and social media. You will be part of our communications team, and will maintain and expand our social media presence. You will have excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to multitask between various projects. This position will be reviewed in 6 months for the possibility of a permanent role at the Beckley Foundation.



  • Maintain all the Beckley Foundation Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) and proactively engage with our online audience.
  • Monitor and update the Beckley Foundation website, Wikipedia and LinkedIn.
  • Keep Amanda abreast of relevant articles and media opportunities, particularly on instances when she might be interested in making a comment or giving a statement.
  • Assist Amanda with scientific and other research and in ghost writing articles, talks and blogs.
  • Assist in the development and distribution of materials used to communicate Amanda Feilding’s message, and the foundation’s science and policy activities: regular newsletters, press releases and design of infographics, booklets, flyers, briefing papers and reports.
  • Record, collect and file all Beckley Foundation media coverage and other relevant media coverage.
  • Maintain the database of media contacts.
  • Record and maintain a timeline of Beckley Foundation’s milestones, for future reporting and to use in funding applications.
  • Curate and maintain an images library, creating clear categories within the library. Also work on Amanda’s audiovisual materials, videos, raw footage, photos, etc.
  • Maintain the printed materials inventory.
  • Carry out general administrative tasks in the office to support Amanda’s work (transcribing notes, preparing briefs and material before meetings, providing logistic and practical assistance, etc.).
  • Assist with general tech requirements and setting up Amanda’s conference calls.


Skills required

  • Experience with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms
  • Exceptional writing and communication skills
  • An ability to make complex ideas accessible to non-expert audiences
  • Fluency in spoken and written English (as a native speaker preferably)
  • A profound knowledge and interest in all the science and policy work related to the psychoactive substances, specifically in the context of the work by the Beckley Foundation, and a passion for its dissemination worldwide
  • Evidence of strong academic achievement or work experience in journalism, communications, or public relations
  • Ability to multitask, work effectively under pressure, work flexible hours when required, and excel in a small team and take initiative in novel situations. 


Desirable skills

  • Experience in the field of drug policy and/or a strong background in science
  • Strong connections with international media and a knack for pitching stories
  • Proficiency with CMS (WordPress), Mailchimp and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Second language


Additional information

  • The Beckley Foundation does not hold a Sponsorship License to employ non-UK (or non-EU) residents.
  • As there is no public transport around Beckley Park, applicants are expected to have their own transport arrangements. 


To apply for this position, please send your CV and covering letter (max. 250 words) to no later than the 6th of July.  For further opportunities watch the GET INVOLVED page, and if you would like to support the Beckley Foundation in other ways, please click here.