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Founded by Amanda Feilding in 1998, the foundation supports research into both science and policy of drugs.

The Beckley Foundation scientific programme initiates, designs and conducts research into the effects of psychoactive substances on the brain, in order to minimise their potential harms, learn more about consciousness and brain function, and discover and explore their therapeutic potential. Current research includes collaborations with Professor David Nutt at Imperial College on the effects of psychedelics on cerebral blood flow, ProfessorValerie Curran at University College London on the effects of cannabis on the brain with a view to possible therapeutic applications and with Professor Roland Griffiths at Johns Hopkins University studying the effects of psilocybin at combating addiction.

The Beckley Foundation policy programme is dedicated to improving national and global drug policies, through research that increases understanding of the health, social and fiscal implications of drug policy, and the development of new evidence-based and rational approaches. It brings together country representatives, science and policy experts at international seminars in order to discuss alternative drug policy, and commissions and disseminates reports to open up and facilitate debate among policy-makers and the public.

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