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Harborside: Judge in San Francisco lets biggest medical pot shop stay open


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Harborside, the worlds largest medical-marijuana dispensary, has been allowed to remain open for the time being, despite efforts by the federal government to have them evicted from their premises in Oakland and San Jose, California.

The ruling marks the latest move in a tug-of-war between local and federal authorities over medical marijuana dispensaries and over Harborside Health Center, which was featured on the Discovery Channel reality TV show “Weed Wars.”

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This news is the latest development of a process that began with federal prosecutors filing a civil forfeiture action in July. Since then, other major developments relevant to the case include Oakland suing the federal government in October and President Obama commenting on federal intervention in states where marijuana has been legalised, saying: “we have bigger fish to fry.

Working with Harborside, we have developed a survey to investigate the effectiveness of different strains of cannabis in relation to treatment outcomes. The result will be the first ever and largest medical database on cannabis, which will allow correlation of subjective user experience with chemical composition of specific strains.



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