Legal highs Mexy and black mamba to be banned


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Legal highs Mexy and black mamba to be banned

Photograph Courtesy of London Standard

November 2012


Two dangerous legal highs will be made illegal class B drugs with users facing up to five years in jail, ministers have said.

Mexxy and black mamba will be permanently banned after the Government’s drugs advisers found they posed dangerous risks to health, Crime Prevention Minister Jeremy Browne said.

“People who take ‘legal highs’ are taking serious risks with their lives because often they do not know what they are taking and the drugs may contain harmful substances,” he added.

The move comes after methoxetamine, or mexxy, was linked to two deaths and police warned of the “life-threatening effects” of black mamba.

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Minister Jeremey Browne is completely correct in saying that people who take ‘legal highs’ are risking there lives, what must be questioned however are the measures that the Government’s leading experts are taking in order to tackle the problem. It is not enough to merely ban a substance, the prevalence of illegal drug use is a clear indication that the threat of jail time simply doesn’t work.

Rather than taking steps backwards in this dark age for drug control, government officials should be looking to protect rather than punish users. Treating addiction and problematic drug use as a health issue would allow us to  ’Manage’ the drug problem and protect those at risk.




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