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Jacqui Smith admits cannabis reclassification was wrong


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Jacqui Smith has admitted that her decision to upgrade cannabis to a Class B drug when Home Secretary was wrong and that education would have been a better option than criminalisation.


Photo: Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe

21 NOVEMBER 2012

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The former Labour MP defied advice from the Government’s panel of scientific experts to change the law in 2008, despite evidence that it would not deter millions from smoking the drug.

Mrs Smith said she was “less hardline” now and conceded that the legislation had caused “confusion and dissent”.

She told Radio Times: “Knowing what I know now, I would resist the temptation to resort to the law to tackle the harm from cannabis.

“Education, treatment and information, if we can get the message through, are perhaps a lot more effective.”

She described legislation as a “blind alley” that prompted discussion of the law rather than the impact of the drugs themselves and acknowledged that some people could use cannabis without harm.



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