The war on drugs: Is there another way?


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The war on drugs:
Is there another way?

 New Count the Costs briefing on alternatives to the war on drugs

 Photo Courtesy of Count The Costs: Click here to download the latest report


“The United Nations should exercise its leadership, as is its mandate … and conduct deep reflection to analyze all available options, including regulatory or market measures, in order to establish a new paradigm that prevents the flow of resources to organized crime organizations.”

 President Santos of Colombia, President Calderon of Mexico, and President Molina of Guatemala, Statement to the General Assembly of the United Nations, October 2012

Reports calling for a change in our approach to Global Drug Policy are coming thick and fast and are finally being acknowledged at the highest level. Of particular note is the Guatemalan leader President Molina who earlier this year made history by becoming the first acting President to  denounce drug prohibition during his tenure. Having already signed our Public Letter, he then took this stance one step further and invited Amanda Feilding to set up the Beckley Foundation-Guatemala  project in July this year.

The latest Count the Costs briefing outlines possible alternatives to the disastrous war on drugs. Earlier this month the three serving presidents of Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico took their case to the United Nations in a historic display of unity.

Download the Count the Costs options and alternatives briefing to find out more about the possible alternatives to the war on drugs.



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