Advances in Uruguay’s proposed legalization of marijuana


in Global Policy News

July 2012

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The bill to regulate the cannabis and cigarette’s market is divided into two articles and will be sent to Parliament shortly.

This was reported by the deputy secretary Diego Canepa who said that no law will be repealed and that there is no chance that the private trade of marijuana is legal. “The production and sale will be 100% state,” he confirmed. The deputy secretary and president of the National Drug Board (JND) Diego Canepa reported that this legislation will ensure the prohibition of trade of this substance to other countries.

“Neither drug tourism or sale abroad,” he said. He noted that the State will produce, store, market and control the entire production of cannabis sativa. The controls include traceability of the substance and controls in the stalls and the health of consumers.

The secretary general of the JND July Calzada explained that this measure is to control health of consumers and supply of the product, in addition to “break the gondola effect” which is found after a consumer enters a place of illegal sales of addictive substances and consumes a drug other than originally required. Gird on projects for personal consumption, which are being discussed at parliamentary level, Canepa noted that there are contradictory and can even be complementary. He said the Government’s objective is to prevent the production of cannabis feed a black market.

Finally, he recalled that one third of the inmates in the country were prosecuted or convicted for crimes related to drug trafficking, which is an annual business worth about $ 30 million in Uruguay. “In addition, this measure must be contextualized within the framework of the 15 measures on coexistence delivered on July 20,” he concluded.

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