The Jungle Prescription


in Worldwide Psychedelic Research

A documentary film crew have been chronicling the research of a Canadian doctor and author whose travels through the Amazon have taught him about psychotropic medicines. Doctor Gabor Maté first learnt about the healing potential of Ayahuasca at a clinic in Peru, and was startled to learn that the rates of success of treatment for addiction were far higher there than they are in the United States or Europe.

The film features a French Doctor, Jacques Mabit, who has set up a treatment centre (based deep in the Amazon rainforest), which utilises traditional medicines. Doctor Mabit’s success rates quadruple the global average for treating drug addicts. ‘The Jungle Prescription’ features Doctor Mabit’s clinic, and Doctor Maté’s attempts to establish a similar programme in Canada, despite significant risk to his career.

The Jungle Prescription will be released as a feature film, as well as an abridged hour-long documentary to be broadcast by Canadian network CBC’s The Nature of Things on November 10th 2011.

The Jungle Prescription – official website

The Jungle Prescription – trailer



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