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New Survey Shows That UK Public No Longer Convinced by Drug Policy


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A new survey has shown that public opinion is standing in stark contrast to the UK government’s current drug policies.

In a recent study by YouGov, 53% of those polled stated that they did not feel that the current government’s approach to illegal drugs was effective. Indeed, only 11% of those asked responded that they thought current drug policies were in any way effective.

Additionally, the poll stated that only 8% of those surveyed thought that it would be possible to achieve a drug-free society. 88% stated that they thought there would always be drug use within society, and that the aim of policies should be to reduce the amount of harm instead.

This evidence shows that over half of the British population believes that the Government’s approach to drugs is ineffective and must be rethought. Drug reform is not a vote winning and politically popular subject currently. This therefore encourages politicians to avoid it as much as possible, thereby abdicating their policy responsibility.

With many indicators showing that current policies are not effective and the public, as evidenced by this survey, clearlyunconvinced by the efficacy of the present approach, the time for reform is now. Politicians must now debate the alternatives and replace strategies driven by political convenience and ideology with cost-effective policies that are based on scientific evidence, that respect human rights and promote security not insecurity.



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