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The Beckley Foundation Drugs Policy

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The Beckley Foundation’s Global Initiative for Drug Policy Reform is driving forward alternative approaches to drug control in order to create more humane, evidence-based, policies.

The Global Initiative for Drug Policy Reform is a joint initiative with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform.  The Meeting at the House of Lords on 17/18 November will launch the first ever Cost/Benefit Analyses of a Regulated and Taxed Cannabis Market, the new Draft UN Convention and other evidence to support the need for change. The Meeting will also enable the Global Commission on Drug Policy, to present their recent findings.

For this major new Initiative the Beckley Foundation commissioned a new draft UN convention on all drugs that would allow signatory countries more freedom in deciding their own drug policy.  Together with the All-Party Parliamentary Group the Foundation has commissioned the Cost/Benefit Analyses of both a regulated cannabis market and government regulated heroin supply to addicts.

Whilst many people agree that the War on Drugs has failed, the Beckley Foundation’s Global Initiative is unique in providing a concrete opportunity to examine ways forward.

It will achieve this through:

1. Commissioning new reports to widen the evidence base

2. Influencing current political leaders and influential figures by disseminating the new evidence and debating possible ways forward, at a Meeting to be held at the House of Lords, jointly hosted by the Beckley Foundation (BF) and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform (APPG DPR);

3. Giving a platform to the Global Commission with whom the BF will collaborate on a publicity campaign

4. Educating the public about the failure of the War on Drugs and creating public support to trigger a call for action;

5. Using the House of Lords Meeting as a launch pad for the Global Initiative and it’s new reports, and the Global Commission’s recent findings and it’s report

6. Spreading knowledge of the Global Initiative through social media networks and via a new dedicated website (

7. Partnering NGOs around the world who recognise the need for new policies and who work in both drug policy reform and associated areas, such as: human rights; environmental causes; woman’s rights; international security etc.

8. Continued advocacy of the need to reform drug control into 2012, using the evidence-base created for the Meeting

The Beckley Foundation has worked over the last 18 months to strategise, plan and implement the launch of the Global Initiative at the House of Lords Meeting.  The Meeting will bring together current political leaders from countries interested in reform, together with the Global Commission, providing new evidence and the opportunity to consider alternatives to the current criminalising approach to drug control. The surrounding media coverage will act to arouse public interest and provide an excellent opportunity to educate the public about the failure of the War on Drugs and provide constructive alternatives.

The Meeting at the House of Lords will act as a launch pad for the call for a new approach to drug policy based on the evidence supplied by the BF and the Global Commission.  We will use various media channels to educate the public and policy makers and galvanise support for change.  Partnering with APPGDPR, Release, IDPC and the Global Commission we will work to optimise media coverage and provide information to the public.

Global Initiative Documents:

Licensing and Regulation of the Cannabis Market in England and Wales: Towards a Cost/Benefit Analysis - The full report can be downloaded here.

Roadmaps to Reforming the UN Drug Conventions - The full report can be downloaded here.










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