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Beckley Psilocybin Study in BBC Documentary


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The Brain: A Secret History, is a new three part documentary series on BBC4, which illustrates the history of attempts to understand and manipulate the brain.

The documentary visits a Beckley Foundation study at Imperial College London in collaboration with Professor David Nutt (Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology , and Chair of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs), Professor Richard Wise (Head of fMRI at Cardiff University), Dr Robin Carhart-Harris and Amanda Feilding.
This is the first such study in the world and its results have been remarkable.  Significant decreases in cerebral blood flow were recorded in a number of important cortical and subcortical regions. The study is now completed and is currently being written-up for submission to a high impact journal.

In the first episode of the series, ‘Mind Control’, presenter Dr Michael Mosley discussed the famous experiments of Ivan Pavlov, B F Skinner and Stanley Millgram. The documentary mixed archive footage with interviews and also included Mosley visiting the Wellcome Library to look at the personal papers of controversial psychiatrist William Sargant.

To see Dr Michael Mosley experiences on Psilocybin and in the fMRI scanner click here

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